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Adult Soccer League
Adult League
1) Donley’s FC
2) War Kittens 
3) Stay Healthy 
4) Suite Fire
Date Field 1     Field 2     
Jan 8th  1 vs 2 3 vs 4
Jan 15th  1 vs 3 2 vs 4
Jan 22nd  1 vs 4 2 vs 3
Jan 29th 1 vs 2 3 vs 4
Feb 5th  1 vs 3 2 vs 4
Feb 12th  1 vs 4 2 vs 3
Feb 19th  1 vs 2 3 vs 4
Feb 26th  # 1 vs  #2 #3  vs  #4

january, 2019

08janallday26feballdayAdult Soccer LeagueAdult League(All Day) Louisville Slugger Sports Complex, 8400 N. Orange Prairie Road, Peoria, IL 61615Sport:Adult LeagueAge:Co-Rec

Event Details

Adult Soccer (Winter Indoor League)

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GAME TIMES: 6:30PM, 7:30PM, 8:30PM, 9:30PM



45 X 60 FIELDS




Team Captain Note:
If you are selecting the “Team Captain Option”, you will be the point-of-contact for your current/future team. This “Team Captain” will be responsible for collecting payment for his/her perspective players 1 WEEK prior to the league start date.



January 8 (Tuesday) - February 26 (Tuesday)


Louisville Slugger Sports Complex

8400 N. Orange Prairie Road, Peoria, IL 61615


LSSCJoe Bolen,

Hotel Information


Winter 2019


SECTION I -General Information

  1. The purpose of this soccer program is to provide recreational activity for those interested. Recreational soccer is for fun and not serious competition. It is playing soccer to have a good time, improve skills and socialize within and between organized teams. It is meeting new people and learning new skills.  It is sharing your expertise with your fellow teammates and fellow league mates. It is being a team player and not an individual. It is playing fair and acting as a good sport at all times. It is being generous when you win and being graceful when you lose. It is obeying the referees and accepting their decisions. It is promoting the enjoyment of soccer for
  2. The official 2018 FIFA Soccer Rules will govern all league play unless otherwise amended inthe attached house

SECTION II – Registration

1.      All players must be at least 18 years of age by January 8, 2019

  1. Each team and/or individual player is responsible for their own insurance, as the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex does not provide coverage for participants in the sports
  2. League Fees:

Co-Rec Indoor League – $450 per team

  1. Team rosters will be limited to 14 players, unless otherwise approved by the Athletics Department. New players may be added to the roster after season play has started, provided that the player has signed the roster for that team. All players must be added to the team roster and have their player sign the roster.

 SECTION III – Season Length/Game Times/Duration/Standings

  1. Season will consist of an eight game schedule.
  2. Co-rec games will be played Tuesday nights between 6:30pm and 7:30pm inside the Slugger Dome.
  3. A maximum of seven players on the field plus a goalie (minimum two women for Co-RecLeague) Teams may not start or continue a game with less than five
  4. A coin toss will be made prior to the start of the game. The team winning the toss will have choiceof side of the field to defend. Teams will switch sides of the field afterhalf-time.
  5. Games will consist of 25-minute

SECTION IV – Team Responsibilities

  1. All players are REQUIREDto wear shin guards to prevent
  2. Players may wear soccer cleats or tennis shoes for league play. Cleats must be rubber or hard plastic,no metal cleats
  3. Each team cleans up/picks up the field and surrounding area after eachgame.

SECTION V – Sportsmanship

  1. Each manager will be held directly accountable for the conduct of his/her team and is responsible tosee that all program objectives and rules are observed. The manager must maintain complete control of himself/herself and team members at all times.

Referees and their decisions will be respected and not interfered with at any time. Unsportsmanlike conduct or other serious violations will not be tolerated.

The manager has many responsibilities. The key to a successful program is in the hands of the manager and in turn, his/her players. Good leadership will ensure a good program.

  1. The manager is the only team member that may ask the referee for an interpretation of a rule.The referee cannot be questioned on a judgment
  2. We desire the best program possible for all interested persons, and only proper conduct and attitudeof the participants can in turn ensure a wholesome program. We expect the cooperation of all those participants in the program and will not let it be spoiled by a

SECTION VI – Field Rules

Standard FIFA rules with the following highlights, exceptions and general rules of conduct:

  1. No jewelry, hard cast, braces with exposed metal or any equipment that the referee deems dangerousto anyplayer.
  2. No slide tackles. Penalty for infraction: 1st offense – yellow card plus direct kick; 2nd offense – red card plus direct kick. The referee has the discretion to issue a red card on any play if warranted. Ifno opposing player is within a reasonable distance of a slide, it is not considered a slide
  3. NO sliding to make a play on the ball when people are present. To avoid any collisions ordangerous play please avoid going to your feet to make a play on the
  4. No touching or harassing the goalie. Penalty for infraction: 1st offense – verbal caution to player plus indirect kick to opposing team; 2nd and subsequent offenses – yellow card to player plus indirect The referee has the discretion to issue a red card ifwarranted.
  5. Goalie may be either gender. Goalies mayNOT kick/punt or throw the ball past the midfield line in the air. Doing so will result in an indirect kick for the opposing team at half

7.             There will be NO offsides in thisleague.

  1. Standard FIFA rules apply to goalies. Penalty for infraction: – indirect
  2. A female player must take all penalty kicks
  3. Any player receiving a Red card must sit out for the remainder of that game and the team’s next scheduled game. Any player receiving two yellow cards in the same game must follow the same ruleas if a Red card were issued. PLAYERS EJECTED FROM THE GAME DUE TO A RED CARD CANNOT BE SUBSTITUTED FOR. The team must play short-handed. If the team loses a female due to a red card and has no female sub, that team will forfeit the
  4. Substitutions

You MAY substitute players at the following times:

  1. On a throw-in byyour team For an injured player on yourteam
  2. On a goal kick byeitherteam To replace a player receiving a yellowcard
  3. Onanykickoff At the referee’sdiscretion

The players substituting must be ready to come onto the field (no delaying the game while players remove their sweats, etc.) All teams must have at least two women on the field at all times.

YouMAY NOTsubstitute players during the following times:

  1. On a throw-in by theopposingteam On any cornerkicks
  2. On any direct, indirect orpenaltykick On a dropball
  3. For players ejected because of aredcard Due to an injury on the opposingteam
  4. Managers and the referee will discuss ground rules prior to the start of all

12.          Referee’s decisions will befinal.

SECTION VII – Basic Fouls Reference

Below are the standard fouls in soccer. They are for your reference. Please read the FIFA “Laws” of the Game for the textbook descriptions. Please note that the fouls are interpreted by the referees and criteria such as intent, severity, etc., are applied by each referee on an individualbasis.

Five minor fouls

Below are the five minor fouls. The penalty for committing any of these is an indirect kick by the opposing team. If any of these fouls occur in the opponent’s penalty area, it is still just an indirect kick (not a penalty kick). The referee signals an indirect kick by keeping his or her hand raised in the air until the ball is touched by a second player on the field (the “free kick” is called indirect meaning that a goal cannot be scored directly, the ball must be touched by a second player first).

Obstruction – blocking an opponent from playing the ball when you are not attempting toplay the ball yourself.

  1. Dangerous play – playing in a manner considered dangerous by the referee (i.e. putting your foot too high next to a player that might cause an injury; you can also put your head too low next to a playerand be guilty of a dangerousplay).
  2. Charging fairly (shoulder to shoulder) when the ball is not in playing
  3. Charging the goalie when the goalie does not have possession of the
  4. Taking more than six seconds to put the ball back into play if you are the

Nine major fouls

Below are the nine major fouls. The penalty for committing any of these is a direct kick by the opposing team. If any of these fouls occur in the opponent’s penalty area, a penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team. To make it easy to remember them, there are four by the hands, three by the body and two by the feet.

  1. Major fouls by the hands(4)
    1. Handling the ball (unless you are the goalie within the penaltyarea).
    2. Pushing or shoving an
    3. Striking, spitting on or verbal abuse of an
    4. Grabbing an
  1. Major fouls by the body(3)
    1. Jumping an
    2. Charging an opponent from
    3. Charging an opponent in a dangerous manner (e.g. at highspeeds).
  1. Major fouls by the feet(2)
    1. Kicking an
    2. Tripping an

SECTION IX – Items provided by the league

  1. One referee for each
  2. A game ball for all teams to use on the day of the
  3. Goalie jersey for each
  4. First aid kit and extra ice packs will be available at the fields ifneed

Louisville Slugger Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex. This program is offered for your enjoyment and therefore your cooperation and good sportsmanship is essential to the overall success of the program. All players, coaches, managers and spectators are anticipated to act responsibly during the entire program. In instances where responsible behavior does not occur, LSSC appreciates/acknowledges a responsibility to take any disciplinary action it deems appropriate against players, coaches, managers and spectators not acting in an acceptable manner, including, but not limited to suspension from games, expulsion from the park and participation in any future programs. The benefit a participant derives from this program depends very much on the participant’s adherence to accepted standards of behavior


These definitions provide information and directions to participants regarding standards of behavior, as well as consequences of participant/team misconduct.


Each participant is expected to do the following:

  • Demonstrate courtesy, even when others do not.
  • Behave in a responsible manner, always exercising self-discipline.
  • Respect the rights and privileges of other participants and staff.
  • Respect the property of others, including LSSC property and facilities.
  • Cooperate with and assist the staff in maintaining safety, order, and responsible behavior.

Unacceptable behaviors include the following:

  • Being involved in any form of insubordination.
  • Failure to conform to the LSSC rules.
  • Use of profanity, vulgar language, or obscene gestures.
  • Defacing and/or damaging LSSC property or the property of others.
  • Engaging in inappropriate physical or verbal conduct.
  • Running, pushing, shoving, littering, or throwing objects (which are not part of supervised activity).
  • Producing loud, rude, or activity disruptive noises.
  • Possession of illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons on or off the playing field.

CATEGORY I Minimum Penalty: Warning Maximum Penalty:Ejection from current game plus suspension for next complete game & probation for current season. No Individual Shall:

  1. Be guilty of objectionable demonstration of dissent by throwing equipment or any other forceful action intended to intimidate.
  2. Discuss with an official, in any manner, the decision reached by an official, except the manager, coach or captain.
  3. Be guilty of an abusive verbal attack upon any individual on or off the playing field (excessive could fall into Category II or III). 4. Use profane, obscene or vulgar language/behavior, in any manner, at any time, on or off the playing field.
  4. Employ unnecessary rough tactics in the play of game (Intentional/flagrant could fall into Category II or III).
  5. Be involved in any trash talking on or off the playing field.
  6. Leave behind excessive trash on or off the playing field.
  7. Attempt to damage, destroy or steal LSSC property.
  8. Drink alcoholic beverages during their specific league or tournament game on the playing field or in the dugout.
  9. Play on more than one team in the same league

CATEGORY II Minimum Penalty:Ejection from current game and individual suspension (minimum 2 games) plus probation for current season.

Maximum Penalty: Suspension from league(s) for current season & probation for the next season of play.

No Individual Shall:

  1. Appear on the field of play, at any time, in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of any type of drug which will infringe upon the individual’s safety or the safety of others.
  2. Lay a hand upon, shove, or threaten to strike an official or individual. (Assault charges may be filed)
  3. Be guilty of an abusive verbal attack upon any official or LSSC on or off the playing field.
  4. Use excessive profane, obscene or vulgar language/behavior, in any manner, at any time, on or off the playing field.
  5. Directly or indirectly threaten another individual including officials and/or LSSC staff. (Assault charges may be filed).
  6. Play under another individual’s name, falsify name, or falsify address on an official roster form.

                  CATEGORY III Minimum Penalty:Forfeit of game and/or suspension from league(s)(team and/or individual) and probation for one year Maximum Penalty: Banned from future LSSC No Individual Shall:

  1. Be guilty of a physical attack upon any official or individual. (Assault charges may be filed)
  2. Be guilty of throwing equipment at any official or individual with intent to harm or intimidate. (Assault charges may be filed)
  3. Be guilty of damaging, destroying or stealing LSSC property.
  4. Be guilty of possessing a weapon on or off the playing field.

Special Notes: 1. Definitions:

  1. Probation – Probation is considered to be a period of time in which said player or coach will be closely watched by league officials for the purpose of verifying an understanding of and compliance with the behavior management code.
  2. Season – A season will be considered the time between the first game and through the end of the playoffs.
  3. Any unsportsmanlike conduct, even if not mentioned above, will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  4. The LSSC reserves the right to extend probation/suspensions into the next season he/she participates in if the incident occurs late in any given season.
  5. Any player removed (ejected) from a game must leave the facility immediately and serve a one game suspension. Failure to do so may result in suspension for the remainder of the season and possible forfeiture of the game. A player cannot serve their suspension for any game that their team forfeits.
  6. If an ejected player refuses to leave the park in a timely manner the game will be forfeited by his team. If players on both teams are ejected and both refuse to leave the park in a timely manner the game will be ruled a double forfeit.
  7. Team penalties may be imposed if multiple individuals, from the same team, violate this code of conduct. Managers/coaches may also have penalties imposed on them for their team’s/player’s actions.
  8. Penalty notification shall be in writing.
  9. Any discipline appeals must be made in writing, by the player or manager within one (1) Business day of receiving notice of penalty by LSSC staff. The appeal should be given to the League and Tournament Committee at LSSC. Appeals must include a written description of the incident according to the player in question and the reasons why they feel the penalty is not justified. The League and Tournament Committee will have a response to the appeal within 2 business days. **By signing the team roster, all players, coaches, and managers attest that they have read and understand this Louisville Slugger Sports Complex Behavior Management Code of Conduct. They further agree to abide by this Code of Conduct

LSSC is a Zero Tolerance Facility-

Sportsmanship is a behavior and attitude from players, umpires, coaches, parents/fans that demonstrate mutual respect. Any person at an LSSC event that demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to that mutual respect will be removed from the event. Detrimental behavior includes any action; verbal or otherwise that abuses players, coaches, spectators, umpires, or LSSC Staff. Any coach ejected from a game will be removed from the facility till after the next game is completed by their team. Coach misses game ejected from, plus one. Any person removed by an umpire or director will be subject to removal for the remainder of the tournament.


  • No carts or wagons are allowed
  • No Sunflower Seeds or Shelled Nuts – Team will be removed from the event
  • Only coaches and players are allowed on the playing field and warm up areas
  • No Metal Cleats
  • No Coolers/Brought in food or drink
  • No Gum
  • No Pets- please make arrangements prior to your trip
  • No Smoking of any kind
  • No Overnight parking
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