Coaches’ Corner

Coaches’ Corner

Below is the Coaches’ Corner for the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex. Coaches may reference this page for additional event support and questions (see “COACH FAQ” at bottom). However, we encourage all to reference our Facility FAQs.

Facility FAQ!

Slugger Series Events:
(Affiliated & Unaffiliated)

Slugger Spring Series (SSS1): Apr-May
Slugger Summer Series (SSS2): June-July
Slugger Fall Series (SFS): Sept-Oct
Flashin’ The Leather Series: Apr-July

Slugger Dome Series (SDS):
*Stay-To-Play Series*
(SDS1) Nov-Dec
(SDS2) Jan-Mar

Affiliated Events:

To enter affiliated weekend events, each team must first be registered with the appropriate sanctioning body hosting the event. Directions below will help guide you through the process of each one. Each will require a login for Team and Coach registration. Every affiliation is slightly different in their approach to this.

Unaffiliated Events:
(In-House, Partners, ETC.)

To enter unaffiliated weekend events, each team must register with the appropriate event host. Depending on the event host, different registration platforms may be used.

Coach FAQ