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Umpire Facilities and Services

Private Cool Break Space

Air-conditioned areas include a private break space that is both close to the fields, but away from spectators.

Comfy Officials' Lounge

Facilities include lounge areas with both bag and apparel storage. In addition, drinks and snacks are provided to keep our officials sharp.

Facility Changing Rooms

Locker rooms, showers, and changing areas can be found in both the Stadium & the Slugger Dome admin buildings.

Expert Tournament Consultation

Head officials are available for consultation on rules on tournament play. They also serve to take perform rescheduling, and execute tournament changes.

Reliable Tournament Schedules

Schedules vetted to ensure accuracy posted in a timely manner to provide convenience and peace of mind for all tournament staff.

Seasonal Scheduling Clinics

A winter scheduling meeting and clinic is performed in order to review any affiliation rule changes. This is done for Spring, Summer, and Fall pre-scheduling purposes.


Clear Expectations Ahead


Clear expectations are essential for effective communication and avoiding misunderstandings or conflicts

Trained & Certified

Be trained and certified through one of the affiliated umpire clinics – IHSA, NCAA, USSSA, USA


Mannerism, language and overall behavior in a family ball park setting


Clean and dressed in appropriate gear matching your partner

Game Logistics

Game management – plate meeting to turning in game card



Criteria for Success


LSSC Registration

Fill out form for E contact and schedule/assigning communication

Affiliation registration

Register with the entities you will be working (USSSA/PGF or both)

Workplay Essentials

Have appropriate apparel and gear to work associated games.

Rule Mastery

Read, understand and study up on all rules before arriving


Tools for Affiliates

Affiliate Resources Hub

Affiliation Registration

Register USSSA

Register PGF

Affiliation Apparel



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